May 30, 2011

progress update

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well I measured myself this morning and I am down a half inch in the waist, legs, and hips! Yippee! Alsodown one more pound so to date am now down 25 pounds! yeehaw!!!  I was quite excited by that because I have not been feeling like there was going to be any measurable progress as of yet.  Yesterday I started week three of my running program and shockingly I actually did not have difficulty completing this – I actually had to increase the speed on the treadmill because my feet kept hitting the guard thing-y at the front (yes thing-y is the techincal term for it :P).  In about a week or so God willing the weather will actually start behaving more like it should here I will be running out of doors and not on a treadmill any longer which will make it more difficult – but I hope that my progress by then will be far enough along that it does not cripple me – I am still a skinny chick running in a fat chick’s body for now and my arthritic knees are none to fond of this new activity – i’m sure they will be thrilled when I add in pavement to the mix instead of a nice cushy treadmill.  My run yesterday was a bit of a chore because I had forgotten to charge my mp3 and it pooped out midway through the very first song – so note to self – always charge your music!

I’m still doing the 30 day challenge as well – on day 13 today – AND have been attempting to do push ups on my swiss ball – that is comedic to say the least! I am currently doing them with my legs on the ball and hands on floor to push up – I hope to graduate to hands on ball push ups – but I do not have the core strength yet and keep rolling off onto the floor 🙂

run again tomorrow – week 3 – day 2 ( each level is performed 3 x’s a week) I haven’t decided if I will do pilates or yoga afterwards but it will be one or the other – oh yes and how could I forget I have also started a shoulder routine from this months oxygen magazine which I complete twice weekly so that will be either tomorrow or perhaps on day 3 run.

hmm kinda sounds like a lot doesn’t it? it’s not really though – the runs are only 20min intervals with run/walk right now – the 30 challenge is either 30 or 40 min and the yoga/pilates are also only 30 min, the shoulder exercises take about 10 min – so really it’s not that much activity overall. 

that’s all for me today – anyone else seeing or feeling  any results you care to share so far?


May 28, 2011

Running is my love

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I tell you I am soooo very happy to be back on track and working this running program – I forgot how free and happy running makes me feel.  Now don’t get me wrong it’s not walk in the park at this point in my program – however, it still does make me feel extraordinarily happy.  Even family and friends have been commenting on how much happier I seem/sound when I speak with them on the phone or Skype or whatever.

So this week was week one of the run program.  I did my first run on Monday and it was not as difficult as I had anticipated, but my poor knees were no so happy with me, and I have the proper footwear AND I ran indoors on a treadmill – by the next evening my knees and everything else was fine – a sign that perhaps I could work a little harder next time – sooooo I got the brilliant idea into my head to skip ahead to week 2 – so on weds I ran week 2’s schedule – and guess what – it was not so hard either! yippeeeeee!  Now I did not want to skip to week 3 and risk an injury so i stuck with week 2 on friday and tomorrow I am on to week 3! can I get a whoop whoop?! 

Now I am still within my own personal limits – I will not push myself so hard that I create an injury where there doesn’t need to be one – but I do believe in pushing those limits as far as possible in order to surpass them and find new limits – I also decided that I am going to run every other day instead of only 3 days a week – this is still safe as I have a rest day in between each and every run – and it gets me an extra 2-3 runs a month which will also help me reach my ultimate goal of marathon with my bestie that much sooner!  I’m so fired up and excited about this I can’t even put it in words here – I am a runner – I love love looooove running – it makes me feel so alive and so fit – I will never give up this feeling for anything or anyone ever again!

I am still also doing the 30 challenge – however at this point I am not doing those exercises on a day that I run – I will in the future do both – but again I am not going to push myself past my current limits – I want to improve not injure myself – so having said that – the days I am not running i am doing that challenge – so it seems it will be a longer than 30 day challenge now 🙂  On the days that I am running I will be doing some upper body work with hand weights or yoga/Pilates – so hopefully in the next few weeks I will start to see some real changes in my body – but either way this stuff makes me feel awesome so I ‘ll be keepin on even if I don’t lose a pound.

anyway – just a little update for y’all – how is everyone following on doing in your own challenges?

May 23, 2011

First Run done and DONE!!!

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well I literally just now finished my first run of my 10 week program – so week one – run one – dooonnneee! woohooo! i feel so proud of myself like I should give myself a pat on the back LOL

my happy sweaty red face after my very first run!

yes I know the above pic looks more like I’m constipated than smiling – but I’m not much good at self pics and well I have to admit that although my run was not as hard as anticipated it was difficult enough to make me sweat and flush so it’s more like a “God I’m pooped” grimace than an actual smile persay.

Anyway I’m takin my proud arse to the shower and then the kitchen for some of my delish home made spinach, zucchini, yellow pepper stuffed turkey meatloaf with smashed sweet potatoes.  mmmm mmmm goood!

May 21, 2011

10 weeks to 5k run program

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Learn to Run!

Begin each session with a 5 minute warm up of brisk walking. This is not included in the time totals below.

Week One

You only run Tues., Thurs. and Sat. All other days are rest recovery days. You will run 1 minute/walk 2 minutes and repeat 7 times. Your total run will be 7 minutes. Total time is 21 minutes.

Week Two

Run 1 minute/walk 1 minute-repeat 10 times. Total run is 10 minutes. Total time is 20 minutes.

Week Three

Run 2 minutes/walk 1 minutes-repeat 7 times. Total run is 14 minutes. Total time is 21 minutes.

Week Four

Run 2 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 8 times. Total run is 16 minutes. Total time is 24 minutes.

Week Five

Run 4 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 4 times. Total run is 16 minutes. Total time is 20 minutes.

Week Six

Run 6 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 3 times. Total run is 18 minutes. Total time is 21 minutes.

Week Seven

Run 7 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 3 times. Total run is 21 minutes. Total time is 24 minutes.

Week Eight

Run 8 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 3 times. Total run is 24 minutes. Total time is 27 minutes.

Week Nine

Run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute-repeat 3 times. Total run is 30 minutes. Total time 33 minutes.

Week Ten

Repeat week nine + Run 5 minutes/walk 1 minute once.  Total run is 35 minutes. Total Time 34

Tips for Running without injury:

  • Keep your shoulders down and back
  • Place your head in neutral position without looking up or down, and relax the neck muscles
  • Keep arms moving in a straight line, to minimize side to side movement. This wastes energy.
  • Avoid bouncing. Run forward, not up and down.

 ***Once again please note i am NOT a professional or a doctor – this is simply the program I follow – NOT a suggestion that you do the same.  If you choose to follow this program please consult your certified, licenced health professional FIRST. thank you and good luck!

Week One Done!

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Phew! I made it through week one of my 30 day Challenge that I have given myself! barely! LOL  I have to say that I have eaten perfectly clean – as in 100% clean until last night – I had a movie fest and ate some smart pop and lied to myself that it was ok (I paid for the chemical ingestion this morning!) my bad.  other than that one item my fuel has been literally perfect.   I have kept up with the daily exercises in the 30 day routine from exercise tv (see my previous post for link).  Although I did have to juggle the days off and work out days because I was quite sore for a couple of days.  I also had added in a yoga workout and a brisk 90 minute walk on one day.  So I’m feeling pretty good about my level of activity this week.  I am starting my 10 week running program in addition to the 30 day challenge exercises as of tomorrow.  I was going to start running today – however it is snowing here – oh yeah you read right – it’s snowing in Newfoundland on May 21st! That unfortunately is nothing major here – it snow well past when you think it should on a regular basis here in this part of Canada – I loathe it but I have to live here for now so what can ya do?  soooo tomorrow for my first run.  I am adding a separate post for my 10 week running program if anyone reading would like to follow along with this as well.

Things are moving along nicely and I can’t wait to start week 2 of the challenge as the exercises get a little more intense and a little longer!  Anyone out there who has taken up the challenge with me – please post comments along the way to let me know how you are progressing and what you think of the challenge as well.  happy days!

May 15, 2011

My 30 Day Challenge

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I have been floundering lately in my workouts.  I have been letting the issues in my personal life, (breaking up with the man in my life, school etc. etc.) get in the way of my health and fitness goals.  Since moving away for my internship I have been able to get my eating about 95% clean.  However, the exercise thing not so much.  I started telling myself that because I am constantly moving for most of the day at my internship that I am exercising.  While I am active it is certainly not real exercise.  Friday night I decided to make very bad food choices, and most of Saturday I paid dearly for it.  My stomach was not happy to say the least, I had a headache all day, I was so thirsty I could not get enough to drink and just felt generally lethargic.  Although I did force myself to do a 30 min. yoga dvd I have, I also ate some of the leftover bad food from Friday night – mistake-a-mundo! Big, HUGE mistake, I once again made myself sick.  I became the definition of insanity incarnate.  Keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result ~ insane!  I am putting my foot down and will not (at least for the next 30 days) make bad food choices, I will treat my body how it should be treated with whole healthy foods.  If I am craving a treat I will make myself a clean treat not go out and purchase a processed pre-packaged piece of garbage that will only serve to sabotage my goals.  So I am not saying I will not “cheat” so to speak, but if I do it will be a homemade clean wholesome version.

Soooo, I have been debating joining the local YMCA, if I could get them to give me a membership I can afford.  However, I have re-evaluated this decision.  I really am on a shoe-string budget for the next 3 months and I don’t want to spend money that I don’t absolutely need to.  Back at square one.  What to do about working out?  I know that I need to in order to continue on the path to reaching my fitness goals.  But what to do for free? Without having to join a gym or purchase a lot of equipment to use at home?  I began surfing around the net and came across a site called ExerciseTv.  They have a mountain of videos that you can purchase and download for minimal fees, as well as a plethora of free online videos.  Score!  I found a 30 day program  called the “Sexy Summer Body Workout”  There is a downloadable printable form that allows you to track how much of the workout you are able to complete each day.  This way you can track your progress and see in a concrete form that you are improving.  Also for me this will help keep me accountable to myself – I do not wish to see a blank day unless it is a rest day.

The videos in this plan are broken up into a 20 minute cardio, then a 10 minute abs section one day then a different set of exercies the next day.  As the weeks progress the exercises increase to 40 minutes.  There are rest days incorporated into the program.  you do not need much equipment for this program at all, a couple of 5-1- lb hand weights and maybe a mat for floor work if you dont want to be on a bare floor or your carpet.

This morning was day 1.  Let me tell you that after 20 minutes I was a little out of breath and definately sweating.  These exercises are no walk in the park.  I love it! I will definately be able to work out at home with this program!

I’m fired up! day 1 down 29 more to go!  I will post any progress in my weight and measurements along the way.  If anyone would like to follow along or perhaps even try this 30 day challenge with me I would love it!

Here is the link to the site and the page the 30 day plan is located on:

May 14, 2011

Damn Dog!

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I am boarding with a woman in the next town over from where my internship is.  She has a dog.  A puppy.  A 55 pound puppy! A very cute black lab who is sweet and affectionate but also has seperation anxiety.  This morning I was awakened to barking and scratching and general pounding.  It seems that my landlady was outside and left the dog indoors and locked in her bedroom and he was in a tailspin, barking up a  storm, scratching on her door and charging her door in an attempt to get out and try and find her.  My walls were vibrating! All this at 7:45 a.m.! on a Saturday! GRRRRRR! I had really wanted to sleep in – it has been a long busy week, I indulged in pizza and a couple of beer last night –  and I have a busy weekend with schoolwork and I really just wanted to give myself a few extra hours of sleep – but nooooo this Damned Dog and his mental problems decide otherwise! 

So what choice do I have but to drag my arse outta bed and set him free to wait for his owner to come and take him – at least it stopped the barking this way!  She comes back in and is like “oh did he wake you?” uh ya think?!!! seriously annoying since she knows full well that he barks incessantly if she leaves him – but it is her house I am just a boarder here so what can I really say.

I grumbled to myself for the next few minutes until she left and intended to go back to bed – but of course I am fully awake now so my body will have none of it. Damn Dog!

what to do? I stare at my swiss ball, my yoga mat and blocks call out to me, I roll over – to hell with you I’m sleeping! I toss and turn – sleep eludes me – finally I give in and get out of bed again – 8am, double grrrrr. grab the blocks and mat. head out into the living room. get some much needed water. set up the laptop with the Gaiam Yoga for weight loss dvd I have and start it up.  Damn Dog!

I work slowly through the next 30 minutes of poses, and while I am no longer flexible like I used to be, this is no longer a sweet slow stretch, but a sweat inducing, muscle trembling 30 minutes of almost torture, I complete it.

Then smiling to myself I say again Damn Dog. Got me out of bed on a saturday to do yoga! Wider smiles as I go to make my decaf coffee and celebrate the victory that 30 minutes of yoga provides.

Damn Dog, I’d give you a big kiss if you were still home…..

Getting it together ~ Finally :)

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Well here I am in my new town for the summer, population 13,000 – feels like 3,000.  I get stared at when I go to the grocery store or anywhere for that matter. It’s verrrrryyy small town here and it is clear I am the “new girl”.  I am settling in and getting used to life here – there is really nothing at all to do – but I suppose that is alright I am on a very strict budget this summer and I am here to do my internship not to socialize anyway – but it is difficult as I am a very social person by nature.  I am very active all day long at my internship constantly on the move, doing therapeutic intereventions with residents, transporting them back and forth from the unit they are on etc.  This is a good thing as I have not been exercising regularly since I arrived here.  I have however been getting my eating under control.  From Monday to Friday all my meals are literally perfect.  Clean.  lean protien and conplex carbs at every meal/snack.  The weekends have become a bit of an issue – some chocolate, diet soda and even beer and pizza sliding in there.  It seems worth it at the time but every single time I have done this within a few hours it has made me sick and I spend too much time paying the price for eating refined, processed garbage.  My head is finally getting to a better place since I have put my foot down with my recent ex and no longer allow him to contact me under the guise of “remaining friends” when really all he has been doing is trying to keep tabs on me.  Sorry buddy but I’m no longer willing to let you mess with my head and send me reeling into the comforting arms of chocolate and various other forms of sugar to cope.  Nope it’s over so then it has to be o-v-e-r.  So anyway, since I have gathered the strength in myself to tell him to stop contacting me I haver been able to begin the process of healing from this toxic relationship and have begun once again to see my own value and been able to become focused once again on my own goals. 

I am on the path to being the confident strong healthy and hopefully soon fit woman I used to be and know that I can once again be.  I am starting to love ME again and it feels pretty darn good!

April 27, 2011


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Pilates first came about by way of Joseph Pilates, German born in 1880.  He developed this form of exercise as way to overcome his own disabilities and sickness, as well as to help soldiers returning from war rehabilitate.  Pilates is intended to develop strong, flexible muscles without building bulk and there is quite a bit of emphasis on using correct posture and technique.  Most people think of dancers when they hear the term Pilates, but over the years it has become quite popular with the average fitness minded person.

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Pilates is a resistance exercise using your own body weight, not a cardio type exercise, however if you are out of shape like I am currently you will find yourself a little out of breath and sweaty at times.  Most times Pilates is done with specific aparatus (a.k.a. machines) but there are also plenty of movements that can be done with no equipment at home (a.k.a. mat work).  The dvd that I use requires only the use of a yoga type mat.

                         Photo Credit:

Two of the key elements of Pilates are core muscle strength and spinal alignment. The core musculature is loosely defined as the spine, abdomen, pelvis, hips, and the muscles that support these structures. Some of the main core muscles are the erector spinae (located in your back along your spine), the internal and external obliques (the sides of your abdomen), the transverse abdominis (located deep in your gut, this muscle pulls your belly button in toward your spine), the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack”), and hip flexors (in your pelvis and upper leg). ( 2011)”

The claims in support of this type of exercise are statements such as: improves posture, increases core strength, gives you longer, leaner muscles, no impact so it’s easy on joints, etc.  The research has neither proved nor disproved these claims. 

All I can say is that in my personal experience with this type of exercise in the past it has been helpful.  I found that I had less aches and pains, I had better flexibility and it without a doubt made me more aware of my own body.  I quite enjoy this exercise and feel that it has benefits for me personally, maybe you will find it is right for you too. 🙂

**The information in this post has been compiled from :,,

The train is back on the track

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ok, so I am back on the right track now….it has taken a while but I have finally put most of my recent demons to rest and am now able to concentrate on creating the body that I want thus in turn take a step in creating the life I want.  I am still detoxing my body from the bad food choices I have made in the past weeks, the cravings still linger but they are getting better and I know  from experience that it is just a matter of time until they subside and my energy levels increase.  So in that respect I have made the commitment to myself to be active in some way everyday that pushes me past what I am currently used to doing. 

Today I decided to start back with my pilates regime……I have a stott pilates dvd for toned abs and endurance.  It is thirty minutes in duration and it used to be a very easy slow stretch for me a nice way to way up.  Today it was not easy – I was sweating and already feel a little muscle tiredness! ah well starting new is never easy but that’s what makes it worthwhile to acheive.

I will be posting again later today to provide a background on the practice of pilates, the history and hopefully some links or pics of the exercises so those interested can learn a new activity or perhaps just satisfy curiousity.

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