April 19, 2011

I am not a Doctor

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As the title states, I am not a Doctor.  Any of the writing on this blog is not intended to be taken as advice or instruction, medical or otherwise.  This is simply a place where I write my thoughts about my own personal journey. it is not intended as instruction for anyone else just a way for me to share my journey and get some support along the way.  if you like what you read here great!  if you choose to follow anything I do on this website i strongly suggest you consult your own physician first as what i do may not be right for you.


Play nice

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K so I’ve noticed that I am getting a lot of spam and comments stating that they love my stuff and will be using it.  So here goes – DO NOT use my “stuff” meaning anything you see on my page is mine allll mine 😛 – if you intend to use something give me proper credit or don’t use it.  The pictures are copywrite protected – either my own pics or properly credited if/when I use from another source, same goes for the written material.  Just so we’re all clear here peeps – play nice and don’t plagerize a.k.a steal. I’ll update at some point soon with something more legal mumbo jumboish sounding to cover the bases but for now you get my drift. happy reading.

thank you come again

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