June 25, 2011

Back in the saddle

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well it’s been a bit of an absence and let me tell you it’s quite nice to not have pain shooting down my leg any more!  I spent about a week and a half not being able to stand upright or lie down or sit without pain. Could barely walk couldn’t put weight on one side of my body  taking muscle relaxers like candy…….I had to stop all physical activity and I have to say it just about killed me……I was going stir crazy…..however I am smart enough to know that if you do not take care of your injury it will just get worse…..soooo I spent my time sleeping on my yoga mat on the floor and passing out on muscle relaxers lol

well I am finally….FINALLLYYYYY back to exercise! yeehaw! I can not tell you how much I have missed activity since I had to stop it all.  So I’m back running , I just finished up week 6 of the program i posted on here previously and let me tell you it was sheer torture trying to do that after a week and a half of totally sedentary life – I could barely keep from checking my timer every 10 seconds….the mantra in my head was just for this song…just get through this song….I don’t think I even heard the song…..but get through it I did and the second run of the week was a little easier…..of course these were both on treadmill….a nice way to ease back in after nadda for so long……then run three this week was on pavement…..i felt like my legs were weighed down… was sooo much harder of course but I completed it….albeit at a snail’s pace but done without stopping non the less… yay me!  i feel great today very happy that i am back on track …..even slept better…..tomorrow I start week 7!  just a couple of weeks away from finishing this program and being able to run 5k again! It feels so great to be able to say that I am a runner again!  my next goal starting in august will be to continue training up to 10k!

well I would love to keep writing but I’m starved to death…tummy is rumbling loudly and must go make a frittatta to satisfy 🙂

ohh on a side note am now down 33 pounds! hope to lose 15 more in the next 5 weeks but we will see what happens – healthy first then pounds


June 20, 2011

Siatic Nerve is gettin’ on my nerves!

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well I know it’s been a bit of a gap since I posted – but I have been having an issue with my sciatic nerve.  It began a little over a week ago and the pain was travelling down my leg and deep in my tushy! I have not been able to run or do any form of exercise and have been loopy on muscle relaxers all week.

However my faithful readers… is a new day! I woke up today pretty much pain-free YAY!!! I decided to give it one more day just to be on the safe side – no use aggravating this again and having to take another week off…..sooo that said I will be back at it tomorrow……I am on week 6 of my run program….who knows where I’m at any longer on the 30 day challenge program lol….but never fear..I’ll be back in the saddle sweatin’ it out again tomorrow full force and I’ll keep y’all updated on how it goes…..I’m praying a week off of running hasn’t set me back too much but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I hit the pavement again…Eeeeekkk!


June 9, 2011

I am Bulletproof

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Well it has been a hectic week to say the least.  I had to move out of the place I have been staying because I just could not tolerate having to wear my flip-flops into the filthy black shower, wiping my flat mates menstrual blood off the toilet seat so I could use it, and lying awake until 4am every other night thinking up ways to make her incessantly barking dog into a nice quiet puppy rug.  I found another place on the very last day I had available to move or stay stuck in hell and pay my rent – what a relief!  So move I did – in record time I might add!  Also got a text from my scumbag ex to tell me not to worry if I see his car in my neighbourhood – he is just dating my next door neighbour now! no big deal – just 30 days after we break up -can we say afraid to be alone much?  LMAO – talk about pathetic – low-class – trash –  but mission accomplished it hurt – just enough to block him on every electronic means of communication and change my cell number – and hey if the old toothless hag next door wants my sloppy seconds – and he is happy with the town bike – well hell who am I to stand in the way of true love? LOL

so what is a girl to do? turn to chocolate and LOTS of it you say….mmmmm….good idea….no, no NOOOO bad bad idea, I’m like a junkie with a big ‘ol bag of heroin for chocolate, once i start I’ll do anything to get my next fix – best for all just not to start….omg what to do so i don’t run to the store and buy up every bit of chocolately goodness in site?

ohhh right today is run day……hmm it’s raining……eat a yogurt, sure this is just as good as chocolate yeah really it is…..dammit rain stopped……gaawwwwddd……lace ’em up……stuff your ears with little white buds……turn it up…..waaayyyy up…….listen to La Roux bulletproof


Been there, done that, messed around
I’m having fun don’t put me down,
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet,
I won’t let you in again, the messages I’ve tried to send,
my informations’ just not going in,
burnin’ bridges shore to shore, I’ll break away from something more,
I’m not to not to love until it’s cheap,
been there, done that, messed around,
I’m having fun don’t put me down,
I’ll never let you sweep me off my feet,

This time baby,
I’ll be,
Bulletproof x2

I won’t let you turn around,
and tell me now I’m much too proud,
to walk away from something when it’s dead,
do do do your dirty words come out to play when you are heard,
there’s certain things that should be left unsaid,
tick tick tick tick on the watch and life’s too short for me to stop,
Oh baby, your time is running out,
I won’t let you turn around,
and tell me now I’m much too proud,
All you do is fill me up with doubt,

This time baby I’ll be bulletproof x2
This time baby I’ll be bulletproof x2
This time I’ll be bulletproof x2
This time maybe I’ll be bulletproof x2
This time baby I’ll be bulletproof x2


……and run until your legs feel like lead…….aaahhh much better 🙂


June 5, 2011

My recent food intake

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I am posting a few of my recent meals – there are no real recipes per say – as I said before I am more of a throw stuff together and hope it tastes good kinda grrl 😛

so the first is a stuffed turkey meatloaf I made:

mmmm mmmm good!

I purchased a small package of ground lean turkey.  It was enough to make one small meatloaf in one of those disposable tin foil pans.  this is enough to last me several meals.  I added some spices, garlic (I looove garlic!) thyme, onion, parsley and basil.  I put about half of it in the pan and layered Portobello mushrooms, zucchini and yellow pepper.  Then finished off with another layer of turkey, hence the stuffed meatloaf.  I boiled up a sweet potato, pureed it in my blender topped it with pepper and Bob’s your uncle!

The decided one day I am not getting enough salads in my diet but needed something with a bit of protein to keep me full long enough to get to the next meal time.

kitchen sink tuna salad

so this salad was made with romaine lettuce, avocado, low-fat old cheddar cubes, one entire boiled omega 3 egg, half a can of albacore tuna, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper and I think some yellow peppers too.  I made my own dressing with about a tablespoon of EVOO and balsamic vinegar and a little cayan pepper sprinkled over top.

Next thing I made was a recipe from the april/may clean Eating magazine.  while there is an actual recipe for this I don’t want to violate any copyright by posting it –  It is called 5 onion soup.  it pretty near killed me with the acid coming off all the onions and although it is a pretty good soup it tastes like it is missing something to me and I can’t for the life of me figure out what.  I also think if I make this again I will probably try a beef broth base instead and of course purchase a gas mask to cut all the damn onions with! lol

sweating the onions

 this is stage one – onions are chopped and they are “sweating” – cooking down I guess basically

bubble, bubble toil and trouble.....

next stage: cooking away, well simmering really, for quite a while, required to let simmer for 20 min then stir then simmer then stir, got really quite annoying after a while
the final product, with a little piece of toasted baguette and some goat cheese on top!  overall this soup was pretty labour intensive and not good enough for me to rush out and make again – but could be a great base for some other type of soup or stew  and if I do attempt this one again I will definitely make it with a beef broth base instead.
……and now for the best part……Friday night PIZZA!
I made a multigrain flat bread pizza this friday night – I live in a rural area right now – so unfortunately I had to make do with what was at the grocery store – there were no Ezekiel bread or super clean options – sooo I picked up a multigrain flatbread – that was mostly clean and made do.
multigrain flat bread pizza

I spread basil/garlic pesto all over the crust, then layered with various types of gourmet tomatoes (they were on sale this week at the grocery store) no idea what they were other than various sized/shaped red and yellow tomatoes, red pepper slices, mushrooms, spinach, goat cheese and drizzle of balsamic vinegar.  baked in the oven for about 20 min on 425 and gobbled up with a tables spoon of EVOO for dipping. this was awesome! very flavourful and pretty close to totally clean!

those were my adventures in food this week – hope you enjoyed as much as I did 😉

June 3, 2011

First outdoor run

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Well last night after work I decided to run outdoors.  I have been running on a treadmill for the last 2 weeks and had intended to continue for at least the next 2 weeks.  However as I said in a previous post I have been upping my speed much more than I expected when running on the treadmill lately and kind of felt like it might just be time to take on the hard pavement.

so off I went.  into the great wide open, or at least through the suburban sprawl that is my neighbourhood (yes that is spelled right – I’m Canadian we spell “our” NOT “or”)   😛  anyway off I went – at first meh no big deal, I don’t need no stinkin treadmill – treadmills are for babies – 2nd interval – breathing laboured,exercise induced asthma in full swing, wind in my face like a big cold hand pushing me backwards – put the music up louder and suck it up princess – 3rd interval getting my stride, this is allllllright! – 4th interval – wind, tornado, monsoon, can’t breathe, walk break, walk backwards to catch my breath, 5th interval God help me I’m almost speed walking instead of running, wind is like a brick wall, legs full of lactic acid, feel like lead, where’s that damned egg from the commercials when you need a little push??……ooohhhhh 6th interval downhill!!! yehaw! easy peasy chicken pot pie! 7th interval – last one! raining – awesome – now cold AND wet – DONE! cool down walk home, rain stops, throw in an extra interval for good measure – tomorrow is week 4 and time increases again heaven help me…found a trail nearby think i will try that – nice soft gravel instead of unforgiving pavement……

knees ache slightly today, a little from the first outdoor run and a little from the cold rainy weather and my arthritis….tiniest feeling of shin splints so need to do even more exercises and stretches before next outdoor run…..dreaming of smooth, toned, muscular runners legs *sigh*

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