May 14, 2011

Getting it together ~ Finally :)

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Well here I am in my new town for the summer, population 13,000 – feels like 3,000.  I get stared at when I go to the grocery store or anywhere for that matter. It’s verrrrryyy small town here and it is clear I am the “new girl”.  I am settling in and getting used to life here – there is really nothing at all to do – but I suppose that is alright I am on a very strict budget this summer and I am here to do my internship not to socialize anyway – but it is difficult as I am a very social person by nature.  I am very active all day long at my internship constantly on the move, doing therapeutic intereventions with residents, transporting them back and forth from the unit they are on etc.  This is a good thing as I have not been exercising regularly since I arrived here.  I have however been getting my eating under control.  From Monday to Friday all my meals are literally perfect.  Clean.  lean protien and conplex carbs at every meal/snack.  The weekends have become a bit of an issue – some chocolate, diet soda and even beer and pizza sliding in there.  It seems worth it at the time but every single time I have done this within a few hours it has made me sick and I spend too much time paying the price for eating refined, processed garbage.  My head is finally getting to a better place since I have put my foot down with my recent ex and no longer allow him to contact me under the guise of “remaining friends” when really all he has been doing is trying to keep tabs on me.  Sorry buddy but I’m no longer willing to let you mess with my head and send me reeling into the comforting arms of chocolate and various other forms of sugar to cope.  Nope it’s over so then it has to be o-v-e-r.  So anyway, since I have gathered the strength in myself to tell him to stop contacting me I haver been able to begin the process of healing from this toxic relationship and have begun once again to see my own value and been able to become focused once again on my own goals. 

I am on the path to being the confident strong healthy and hopefully soon fit woman I used to be and know that I can once again be.  I am starting to love ME again and it feels pretty darn good!


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