April 27, 2011

The train is back on the track

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ok, so I am back on the right track now….it has taken a while but I have finally put most of my recent demons to rest and am now able to concentrate on creating the body that I want thus in turn take a step in creating the life I want.  I am still detoxing my body from the bad food choices I have made in the past weeks, the cravings still linger but they are getting better and I know  from experience that it is just a matter of time until they subside and my energy levels increase.  So in that respect I have made the commitment to myself to be active in some way everyday that pushes me past what I am currently used to doing. 

Today I decided to start back with my pilates regime……I have a stott pilates dvd for toned abs and endurance.  It is thirty minutes in duration and it used to be a very easy slow stretch for me a nice way to way up.  Today it was not easy – I was sweating and already feel a little muscle tiredness! ah well starting new is never easy but that’s what makes it worthwhile to acheive.

I will be posting again later today to provide a background on the practice of pilates, the history and hopefully some links or pics of the exercises so those interested can learn a new activity or perhaps just satisfy curiousity.


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