April 27, 2011


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Pilates first came about by way of Joseph Pilates, German born in 1880.  He developed this form of exercise as way to overcome his own disabilities and sickness, as well as to help soldiers returning from war rehabilitate.  Pilates is intended to develop strong, flexible muscles without building bulk and there is quite a bit of emphasis on using correct posture and technique.  Most people think of dancers when they hear the term Pilates, but over the years it has become quite popular with the average fitness minded person.

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Pilates is a resistance exercise using your own body weight, not a cardio type exercise, however if you are out of shape like I am currently you will find yourself a little out of breath and sweaty at times.  Most times Pilates is done with specific aparatus (a.k.a. machines) but there are also plenty of movements that can be done with no equipment at home (a.k.a. mat work).  The dvd that I use requires only the use of a yoga type mat.

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Two of the key elements of Pilates are core muscle strength and spinal alignment. The core musculature is loosely defined as the spine, abdomen, pelvis, hips, and the muscles that support these structures. Some of the main core muscles are the erector spinae (located in your back along your spine), the internal and external obliques (the sides of your abdomen), the transverse abdominis (located deep in your gut, this muscle pulls your belly button in toward your spine), the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack”), and hip flexors (in your pelvis and upper leg). ( 2011)”

The claims in support of this type of exercise are statements such as: improves posture, increases core strength, gives you longer, leaner muscles, no impact so it’s easy on joints, etc.  The research has neither proved nor disproved these claims. 

All I can say is that in my personal experience with this type of exercise in the past it has been helpful.  I found that I had less aches and pains, I had better flexibility and it without a doubt made me more aware of my own body.  I quite enjoy this exercise and feel that it has benefits for me personally, maybe you will find it is right for you too. 🙂

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The train is back on the track

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ok, so I am back on the right track now….it has taken a while but I have finally put most of my recent demons to rest and am now able to concentrate on creating the body that I want thus in turn take a step in creating the life I want.  I am still detoxing my body from the bad food choices I have made in the past weeks, the cravings still linger but they are getting better and I know  from experience that it is just a matter of time until they subside and my energy levels increase.  So in that respect I have made the commitment to myself to be active in some way everyday that pushes me past what I am currently used to doing. 

Today I decided to start back with my pilates regime……I have a stott pilates dvd for toned abs and endurance.  It is thirty minutes in duration and it used to be a very easy slow stretch for me a nice way to way up.  Today it was not easy – I was sweating and already feel a little muscle tiredness! ah well starting new is never easy but that’s what makes it worthwhile to acheive.

I will be posting again later today to provide a background on the practice of pilates, the history and hopefully some links or pics of the exercises so those interested can learn a new activity or perhaps just satisfy curiousity.

April 25, 2011

I’m back….kind of

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I have spent the last couple of weeks in a fog of pain and stress and unfortunately have allowed that to derail my goals for myself.  My boyfriend of 2 years, the man I thought I would spend the rest of my life with moved out on April 1st but wanted to still date.  Crazy. How do I still date someone who basically abandoned me? I have so much pain and anger over this situation I can not even sleep, nevermind eat clean and exercise.  I have spent the last year coming home to a cold miserable depressed person who makes me feel like I mean nothing.  All the while trying to support him and not have a nervous breakdown. Waiting. Hoping. holding my breath.  Please change. Please be the sweet man I fell in love with. Please dont make me hate you. I lived in hell every single day. perhaps that is my own fault. perhaps I should have given him an ultimatum, be nice or be gone.  but that is not what I did. I waited. I cried. I slept alone every night. I cursed. I screamed. I practically begged. Love me. Prove you still love me. I wrote no less than 3 break up letters and never gave them. Promises. his promises. “I will be happier” “I will show my love” false promises. empty words. now the words you speak slice through my heart like fan blades in the thick warm air. Your feelings have changed, they just aren’t the same for me. well now isn’t that just a kick in the teeth. isn’t that just the best reason ever to eat all these feelings away? no? ok how about we add the tidbit that my mother had cancer surgery again in the midst of this. how about I dont finish a major project for my degree. how about I leave in 5 days to begin an unpaid internship for 13 weeks that I have no idea how to find the money to live.

how about I just sink into the abyss and drown in chocolate, cupcakes, soda, chips, and everything else I can get my hands on…….how about I just lie here under the blankets until the world melts away…….How about I get so wasted I pass out and don’t have to deal with reality

how about I just stop. How about I wake up monday morning and let myself believe i deserve better than an infantile selfish ball of misery that couldn’t communicate like an adult if his life depended on it.  How about i deserve to be treated like I mean the world to you or you need to be gone. now. forever.  How about I shake off this funk and get back to what is important. ME. how about that.

so here I am. back again from outer space…. kind of.

 I am not better than ever – but I will be.  I decided that enough is enough – I am a strong woman and will not allow myself to be broken by anyone any longer.  I have goals, HUGE goals and this is my time to focus on those goals,to focus on mending me.

I am now back to eating clean-ish – today is my first day back and it is an adjustment – so over the next couple of days I will work to get my diet back to 100% clean and will be getting back on the exercise train.  I will begin posting some of my routines and more recipes and some tips and tricks i learn along the way.

thank you to those of you who care to read what I have to say during this journey,even when my ramblings are dark, and thank you for your patience in my recent disappearance. 

be good to you

April 19, 2011

I am not a Doctor

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As the title states, I am not a Doctor.  Any of the writing on this blog is not intended to be taken as advice or instruction, medical or otherwise.  This is simply a place where I write my thoughts about my own personal journey. it is not intended as instruction for anyone else just a way for me to share my journey and get some support along the way.  if you like what you read here great!  if you choose to follow anything I do on this website i strongly suggest you consult your own physician first as what i do may not be right for you.

Play nice

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K so I’ve noticed that I am getting a lot of spam and comments stating that they love my stuff and will be using it.  So here goes – DO NOT use my “stuff” meaning anything you see on my page is mine allll mine 😛 – if you intend to use something give me proper credit or don’t use it.  The pictures are copywrite protected – either my own pics or properly credited if/when I use from another source, same goes for the written material.  Just so we’re all clear here peeps – play nice and don’t plagerize a.k.a steal. I’ll update at some point soon with something more legal mumbo jumboish sounding to cover the bases but for now you get my drift. happy reading.

thank you come again

April 16, 2011

The Absentee Blogger

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I know I have been absent for quite some time but at the current time my life is a vortex of chaos and I have not been keeping my promises to myself in most areas, therefore I haven’t had much of any use to write.  My bf moved out, apparently we are still together but I can’t really wrap my head around how exactly that works in real life but whatev.  My mother was recently diagnosed with Cancer for oh about the 5th time and i was away with her during her surgery and subsequent recovery.  I am trying to get my life squared away in the next week or so to leave for a 3 month internship.  I feel like I simply want to pack my bags and run away far far faaarrrr away.  So needless to say I have not been going to the gym – once again I quit running – so now I have to start that activity from square one yet again.  I also have only been eating partially clean – slightly dirty to completely fithly on a daily basis.  So rather than whine like I am right now I made the decision to be an absentee blogger for the last little bit. 

never fear I will soon stop wallowing and start kicking my own butt back into gear and get clean.  I need a couple more dirty days and I’ll get back on the clean horse and ride it all the way to my new tight muscular bod 😉

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