March 8, 2011

Dear Scale

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I am writing to you my scale this morning to tell you that I hate you.  you make me crazy.  you make me neurotic.  I want to love you but you make me loathe myself and for that I hate you.

You have all these rules and secret handshakes that I must comply with just to make you happy.  I must weigh myself in the morning (only after using the facilities NOT before). I MUST weigh myself naked – God forbid my jammies add any “extra” weight.  if I weigh myself after I shower the number goes up!  If I weigh myself after I work out the number goes UP! I sweat and slave and yet you increase that little red number! you are a cruel mistress dear scale.  you take pleaseure in my undoing.  your flashing red display mocking me with those three little numbers.

You make me hop on EVERY SINGLE MORNING just to see if going to bed hungry helped the cause and you laugh at my delusional hopes as you flash the same number again and again. UUGGGGHHHH I HATE YOU!

Dear scale your toxic.  I must limit my time with you until you learn how to behave. So as of today you will no longer be living in the bright wide open expanse of my bathroom floor.  Your new home will be in the back of my closet, nice and dark and lonely.  From now on I will only visit you twice a month.  I’m sorry to do this but you brought it on yourself.  learn how to play nice like the measuring tape and maybe just maybe I’ll let you come out more often.  But for now off to the closet with you!



  1. Haha. Great post. I’ve never been scale obssesed, in our house now we don’t have a scale. I havent owned a scale in probably ten years. Do you have a shed or garage? Put the damn scale in there. We are to obssesed with numbers, but it’s only our body that tells us when enough is enough, working both ways up and down. Good for you!!

    Comment by Jennifer Avventura — March 8, 2011 @ 4:32 pm

  2. Hey there great blog, getting fit is an awesome thing to do for yourself, I’m on that road also.
    Years ago I was a body builder,boxer and was in karate.
    I was obsessed with be healthy and fit but it drove me nuts. my advice to you is ditch the scale and get a tape measure and measure only once a month! write down your body measurements for each month. I lost 75lbs doing that, the first time lol but muscle has memory and its a good thing maybe this time will be faster.

    Comment by Lori — March 8, 2011 @ 5:31 pm

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